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The Big Event

Jun 13, 2018

Episode 30 of The Big Event podcast is in interview with punk legend Jello Biafra, former lead singer of the Dead Kennedys, who celebrates his 60th birthday at the Great American Music Hall on Sunday June 17, 2018. We talk about his 1979 mayoral run against Dianne Feinstein, the moment he fell in love with loud music, his first shows at Mabuhay Gardens and why he continues to live in San Francisco. Hosted by Peter Hartlaub. Sports editor Al Saracevic, who has known Jello Biafra for more than 20 years, joins the conversation.

Recorded in the San Francisco Chronicle’s basement archive.

Theme music is "The Tide Will Rise" by the Sunset Shipwrecks. Opening signature by Leah Garchik.